June 24th, 2006

anvil, ring

Signet ring progress!

The enamel for the signet ring is pretty much done. My color choices were not ideal, but they were what I had and give a decent effect overall. The anvil is black, on a mottled yellow-orange-red background, and it looks quite decent.

J looked at the wires that defined the anvil yesterday, when they were glued down but not fired in, and had a couple of suggestions that improved things. Thanks!

Also, I started to get the baguette setting on the Sample Ring of Hideousness prepared for its stone, and I tweaked the marquis setting so that it accepts the stone much more comfortably.

And I made the metal part of a third Confetti Ring, from choosing the blank length all the way to getting it round after soldering. Since these are VERY heavy metal, shaping them for soldering, and then making them round, is not trivial. Also, it seems that, in general, they gain about half a ring size during the process, so now I know that and can compensate if i use metal that heavy- 3.3mm thick!- again. Confetti Rings #2 and 3 are size 8.5 and 8, respectively. I have a bit of clean-up to do on #3, but I am pleased with how quickly I cut, soldered, and formed it.