June 23rd, 2006

anvil, ring

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Today I got the enameling started on the inset for my husband's signet ring. I counter-enameled the silver (fine, 22-ga. or, I think, about 0.5 mm) in a charcoal grey that's almost black but not quite. It won't be visible, but I was debating using it for the anvil; I've decided to go with pure black this time, though. I also got the flux (in enameling, that's clear colorless enamel) on the front, and glued the tiny bits of wire that make the anvil shape to it. That's drying now.

I went through my sample book and amazingly enough! found I did not have the ideal colors for this. What a surprise! (I'm being sarcastic here, since I often end up not having the colors I most want despite my large and ever-growing collection of colors). In particular, I'm missing a strong clear orange and a red that tends to the orange rather than the purple. Sigh. I ended up choosing 4 colors: a golden and an orangey yellow, a very light clear orange of which I only have a bit, and the Aoko 105A, which is a tad more orangey than the 105B- it's a good match for many garnets, in fact. I think they'll do.

This whole process was made less pleasant since the air conditioning in the studio, on which I was counting to compensate for the kiln, is not working. Again. This happened last year, too, when the guys who installed it replaced a potentially-leaky cap and said if it failed again, there was another leak and they'd look for it then. I guess now's the time. We are not looking forward to either hassling with those idiots again, nor of paying someone potentially more competent to fix their poor work, however. Sigh. I hate this sort of thing.