June 20th, 2006

anvil, ring

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Today I didn't spend as much time as I ought in the studio; it's hard to work when there is a doggle plastered to ones shins because the Dog-Eating Thunder Monsters are about!

Still, I got the filing done inside the settings on the Sample Ring of Hideousness. I tried the marquis and the square stones in their settings, too. Unfortunately, the marquis setting- after all that!- has a seat that's a wee bit high for the stone. I have no idea how it managed that since I was testing it carefully all along! I suspect the surface tension of the molten solder pulled the interior piece up just a tad when I was soldering. Annoying! So I'll have to ream it out a bit- a nuisance, but good practice. The points will be tricky, but it'll be good to have some more experience with that aspect.

I also soldered a piece for a commission. Tomorrow I'll clean it up, then get to the real bulk of the piece; the part I did today is the centerpiece, but only a small part of the whole.