June 19th, 2006

anvil, ring

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I did some nice work both yesterday and today.

I am very close to having the support for the enamel fitted into the signet ring. I think a couple more tweaks will do it! I am very pleased about this, since it's a tricky fitting job and- so far, anyway!- it's going very smoothly. Also, I will be able to use this plate as the pattern for the shape of the enamel piece, making it even easier to make sure that fits correctly.

The next time I do this, I'll use a rounded-corner mandrel and shape an insert; I have such a mandrel on order. But I'm pretty excited about doing this one freehand.

I also did some tricky fitting/soldering on a component of a commission, and it went well. I'm doing a Celtic trilobe knot- the simplest form that shows the Celtic interlacing- out of low-dome, wide wire, and I needed to both curve the wire for the shape and file and match the places where it meets at the points. I did both, and it's looking nice. There's a bit of clean-up to do, of course, but the basic piece is there.

It all went smoothly enough that I am thinking of doing a few more, and making them into pendants or pins.

While the trilobe was pickling after being soldered, I started filing out the interior of the settings on the Sample Ring of Hideousness. The marquis is close to done, and I've made a lot of inroads on the gigantic square. It is truly a thing of non-beauty; J (my husband) looked at it yesterday and I think he will agree that while calling it the SRoH is unkind, it is not inaccurate. :) There will be a picture of it here at some point, although it will not appear on my website; I don't really fancy having something that ugly there.