June 16th, 2006

anvil, ring

Today's high points

Since I got the horn miniature stake yesterday, I could use it today on the signet ring. And was it great! I am so in love with these stakes!

The outer shell of the ring is very close to formed now. I have a slight dome all around the shank, and it moves smoothly into a rounded-corner square opening for the enamel. The finger hole is very round now, and is staying that way through the forming; it's also very close to the correct size (9.5 US, since it's going over an inner sleeve that's size 7 on the inside and 1mm thick).

While I was at the dentist today I was thinking about how to draft the pattern for such a ring so there would be less forming needed; I will have to experiment with that.

I think the next time I make such a ring, I'm going to photograph the process. It's pretty cool, the way a really weirdly-shaped bit of sheet turns into a ring with complex curves!

I also soldered the handmade marquis bezel setting onto the Sample Ring of Hideousness. Time to start the finishing on it! It's not really my design; I started it in Doug Zaruba's class last summer, and it's a honking great thing mostly designed to hold several settings of CZs. This one has a gigantic heavy square setting, then a rectangular one for a baguette on one side and the marquis on the other. I may flush-set some 1mm CZs in various places as well. It's not designed for wear; at least, I cannot imagine anyone squeeing and saying "Yes! That is the perfect look I've been wanting!" It's really ugly. But it makes a good practice piece, and a good thing to hold onto to remind one of various techniques.

As usual, there were several more things I did bits on, but these were the high points.
anvil, ring

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Along with my micro-stakes etc., Rio sent me their bargain flyer for June. Usually I can ignore the stuff therein, but this time I've got some temptations. 3mm amethyst cabs! 22k earwires with fake-granulated sunbursts (and most suitable for use with 22k plique)! And a couple of other things, too.

I may need to order some of these. Ah, temptation. :P