afmetalsmith (afmetalsmith) wrote,

A pretty decent day of work today. :)

I cleared one project box... but promptly replaced it with another. Cleared: the one that holds the set stones for J to use in a couple of knives he's working on. Added: the anvil ring (in this userpic), since it's a tad too big for J and I finally figured out a way to adjust it a bit without destroying anything (I hope!).

I also made considerable progress in clearing at least 2 others, though, so it's not totally awash. I set the garnet for my hairstick, and set the stone, patinated, and polished my remaining ASAP commission- a quick hit with rouge, and I can get a picture and sent it off (probably on Monday). So- progress!

I finally figured out how to finish a pair of gold earrings set with drusy, and progressed those, too. I wanted most but not all of them to be a matte finish, so I covered the bits I wanted shiny with narrow masking tape, and used pumice. Today I pulled off the tape, and dissolved off the glue that stuck. :P They are close to done, though, and since they've been "in process" for at least 2 years, I'm pleased by this! I am also pleased that to my eyes they look really pretty! There's a bit more work- I have to add the pearls and the ear-wires, but mostly they're done- at last! Pictures will be forthcoming at that point.

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