afmetalsmith (afmetalsmith) wrote,

The finished plique-a-jour smiley

Plique Smiley, completed Plique Smiley, completed

Glass plique-a-jour enamel in a fine and sterling silver filigree, with sterling silver, natural yellow sapphire, and black diamond.

This pendant has a lot of movement and dances when worn, in keeping with the playful nature of the smiley face. The black is opaque enamel; the yellow is translucent, so it looks nice without light behind it and glows when back-lit.

This is the other of the two pieces I created for a 2006 show featuring the smiley at the Worcester Historical Society. Worcester, MA is the original source for this icon of the 1970s.

(Seen in person, the sapphire is more yellow and not as orange as it looks here.)


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