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Both the masking techniques we tried for the silver etching look promising, although I want to try them again with a narrower line before actually etching. Fabulous! In general, one's risking losing detail, so being able to go for more detail is great.

I got a casting back from the casters, but they didn't "patinate" it as we had requested. On the plus side, they didn't charge us for doing it, either... still, that means I have to do it, and I don't currently have the materials for is, since the thing in 14k white gold, and it really doesn't oxidize. I'll order the materials I need tomorrow, and meanwhile can get the jump ring soldered onto it so that it will hang properly when on a chain.

The bail and the loop are now on my plique smiley. In addition, I've wired the bail together to minimize the risk of things slipping if it gets past the melting point of hard solder in the enameling process. Now for the depletion gilding...

I fired the cloisonne smiley again, and think I'll just go with this one. At least I'll start finishing the enamel, and then see. I think it's OK- not utterly splendidly fabulous, but OK, and quite suitable for the purpose.

I riveted the trillium pin together with a tube, and drilled a hole and fitted a wire for the stabilizing rivet. I'll get that seated, then get the stone added and that one can get photographed and go up on my site and/or Etsy.

As usual, other bits were accomplished, but that's the gist.
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