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I hope to be having some things to show off here soon!

In addition to commission stuff, I've been busy:

* I'm doing a variation on my St. Brigid's Crosses that is looking nifty so far and which I think people will like; I've got a couple more wrinkles to iron out, but it's looking promising;

* I've had a new idea on how to do Scent Lockets that will substantially reduce the tricky soldering operations ( to zero! and from maybe 6 tricky solderings to 2 straightforward ones is definitely a win!);

* I'm getting the structure done for my own Fibonacci ring;

* And I put a coat of flux (clear enamel) over my first prototype simulated rose engine copper pieces. It shows promise. I do need to tweak the art, and once I get the art to my liking it'll look best on silver, but I plan to practice on copper. I'll probably finish these Cu ones and set them like cabs so someone can wear the things.

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